Saturday, May 9, 2009


Well, my lack of posts may look to some like my attempt at sticking with my workout plans has failed. ON the contrary, however, i have been far too busy to keep up. I guess I started to think that a post that simply showed what i accomplished for the day, workout wise, was kind of lame. I read a couple of my posts and I sounded like a total "sup-bro" and like i was obsessed with myself, and although I may be a bit of a narcissists I dont want to frame myself as one to the blogging world. So, i will still leave updates here and there but I'm not going to turn this blog into a "look how tough i am because i workout" blog.

On a brighter note, everyone in my family had only one thing the past few days to blog about, and if you blogstalk Cliffords (you know who you are) than you already know what i'm talking about...its the NEWEST MEMBER of course!!!

Ox was born two days ago and moved into the title of youngest Clifford, or youngest member of Clifford: The Next Generation as some siblings are starting to say (good one flemily). His official name is Garrett Ivan Clifford but I'm sticking with Ox as a name. When Sterling and Megan were still deciding on a name (or not telling us what they had in mind for a name) they just referred to the unborn child as Ox. So Ox it is. Now, I have a nephew known as Larry-Bird and nephew Ox. I love it.

Its weird to think about this new baby living in San Fran! We have been so spoiled with Larry-Bird (Morgan) living so close and being so available to play with and see all the time that having a nephew growing up so far away seems like a tragedy. I guess thats how it usually is with family but it sucks facing the reality. But i suppose if there are to be two Cliffords raising a baby away from the rest of us its best that its Sterling and Megan. Not that I like them being away but they are the two most capable Cliffords (in my opinion) out of the bunch. Sterling and Megan are both very independent in their careers and abilities but they rely on one another in every way that a loving couple should, and that seems like the perfect example to set for a child. so, Ox is in great hands.

So welcome baby child! We are more than Glad to have you!

Friday, May 1, 2009


So this week was an overall GREAT workout week. I swam a 23 minute mile, did some trial running, and a huge hill climb on my bike. I cant be certain of any distances (except on the swim, of course) but I have felt great. I suppose thats a good thing because i just found out that one of my Rangnar running legs was extended 3.4 miles, making my middle run 9.7 miles...sweet! So, it was a good week

Also, the semester is OVER which is wonderful...although, i dont understand why i'm so excited, I have a summer class that starts next week. But at least my classes now are over, and thats whats important. I'm too distracted to write right now...see ya

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

today and yesterday

I never thought I would enjoy working out in the pool so much. I hated it in high school. My good friend Matt Clark would pick me up every morning for swim practice, and every morning would honk a few times, then park his car, come inside, go downstairs, enter my horrific room, and wake me up. If I was quick enough I would hide before he got the door open, but most of the time I just acted surprised, said "shoot! My alarm didn't go off," and grabbed some clothes and headed to practice. It was the worst.

Now, however, I find myself voluntarily walking into the HYPER building, asking for a swim pass, changing, and hoping in cold water to swim back and forth for an hour and a half. I even get disappointed if i cant make to the pool. I always wondered why Kristen (wife) would be so bummed when she couldn't make it out on a run, but now i understand. I guess for a guy like me, ADHD to the max, activity is the perfect solution.

What a good day today was.

Swim: 14oo yards


Ride: 22 miles (cache valley is so beautiful right now)

p.s. I don't actually have ADHD...not like there would be anything wrong with it if I did...I'm just saying

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Ride: 18 miles

I couldn't swim today because Brady had to take care of his child and the baby's momma, so i had to work.

Monday, April 20, 2009


Sunday ride: 14 miles

and a game a catch at the park...if that counts

Friday, April 17, 2009

Swim, Bike, Run

I love to be active. I also suffer from an extremely short attention span most of the time. So, triathlons are the perfect activity for me because just when i start getting bored with one thing I jump right into the next. These days, however, triathletes have gotten a pretty bad rap for being major douchers, but I don't really care because i think the races are great. (and generally speaking, actual TRIATHLETES aren't lame...PEOPLE who do triathlons are lame.)

So anyway, this year I decided that I wanted to participate in as many races as I could. I have done one so far ( and it was pretty sweet. I had never cross-country skied before so the week of the race i strapped on some skis and went and practiced at a park. I was terrible. I wasn't much better in the race but i looked pretty hardcore, which is all that really
matters, right.

Anyway, i had a blast and was glad that i did it.

On the agenda for this year i have a few more triathlons I would like to compete in.
1. The Battle at Midway- June 19
2. The Lake Powell Tri - October 7
and maybe one more in the middle of the summer, i don't know though.

This years Wasatch Back Relay Race is also on the agenda. My family and friends do it every year (which i believe i can officially say now considering its my 3rd year participating and my siblings 4th year).

And finally, there are a hand full of bike races I plan on competing in, many of which with my brother, Big Toph. Busy, busy, busy! I cant wait.

So, the point of informing what ever my readership may be of my summer race agenda is because i am going to use this blog to keep myself on track as I train, like log my miles and what not. I need accountability in my life and this will help...hopefully. So I'll start today.

Run: 4.63 Miles. 8.2 min/mile
Swim: 1500 yrds (mixed workout)

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

If you dont have something nice to say...

I'm not sure what sparked my thoughts on the topic today but i cant stop thinking about how i say mean things. I wouldn't go as far as saying that i am a mean person but a lot of times throughout the day i have very rude things about other people pop into my head. If the thoughts just stayed there i would have no complaints, but they don't. They always seem to make it into someones ear, usually as a whisper to a third pary individual that may or may not have been thinking the same thing but just wasnt mean enough to say it outloud. I fear that most of the recipients, however, probably don't know me well enough to understand that I'm not a mean person. This isn't their fault, of course. I mean, they're just making a perfectly justified assumption that i am kind of a rude person. it makes me feel bad.

This is a particularly tender issue because i think that i may have been somewhat of a jerk in my younger years. i was not timid about sharing my opinion and that often entailed me telling someone else that they were...(insert something derogatory). i played off of people's weaknesses and i almost took a certain level of pride in that. Now, i didn't just dish it out all nonchalantly or anything. It was reserved for those who were especially deserving (the kids that picked on kids, the kids that picked on teacher, Trent Meeds, etc). In a way i felt like i was defending more than offending. Once in the moment and all sorts of insulting things were flying out of my mouth, I would savor the moment, trying hard to remember the things said so that i could possibly brag about it later. I didn't feel mean, i felt justified.

Anyway, just writing that makes me sound like the biggest a-hole ever. I'm not sure when it happened (yes i am. it was on my mission) but I guess I realized that being rude, no matter who it is towards, is never really that cool. i am the one that ends up feeling like shiz, not mention the way i look to others (not in a superficial way but in a "i hate looking like an ass" way).

So, I'm setting a goal: Leave the mean thoughts in the brain. lets be serious, saying that my goal is to just stop thinking mean thoughts is impossible. that will come with time, maybe. For now, I'm just going to try and not say them to anyone. i suppose I'll just have to start using some DISCRETION!!! (inside family joke...even though i actually don't think it's funny, for obvious reasons)

Thursday, March 12, 2009

A bike with no brakes

I have one, a bike with no brakes that is. It's a 1970s Peugeot that a threw together with my big bro, Big Toph, as he likes to be called. It's a great bike and i love to ride it.

The problem, however, with riding brakeless is that there is an entire culture of tool-folk out there who act like riding a bike with no brakes is the only way to go. They have ridiculous stickers on their bikes that aren't even creative, they're just rude, like "F*ck brakes" and "Ride Brakeless" and "People with brakes can eat my butt"...OK, so maybe i have yet to see any stickers like the Butt one but I'm sure they're out there. I wouldn't care so much if i didn't know for a fact the in the biking world, especially the fixed one, people judge you by your bike, and they judge quickly.

You may be thinking, "why do you care?" i know that i shouldn't, but the bottom line is EVERYBODY hates being judged and thrown in categories where they don't believe they belong. Anyone who says otherwise is a liar. it may be stupid to care but everyone does.

So i have recently fallen in love and am regularly in stitches over his comments. The guy is rude in the best way. On his site, however, he regularly talks about brakeless riders and how they are, well, lame. Many of his followers agree and often comment on how they too hate people who ride brakeless. Even i often agree with distaste for such a rider but i feel i must make my case.

I have riser bars on my what...i like the look. Nothing more than that. It's color coordinated as well...i like to match. Would you go out to a nice dinner and wear brown shoes with a black belt? i highly doubt it! And yes, i ride without brakes. Even though i feel i don't owe it to anyone I'm going to offer an explanation:

At first, my primary reason for not putting brakes on was financial reasons. I lived in the Avenues in Salt Lake City, up on 6th Ave and L street when i built my bike. For those who are familiar with the avenues can you possibly think of a reason why i wouldn't want brakes on hills like that?!!! NO WAY! but i just didn't have the mula. So i learned how to ride without brakes, slow and steady. The more i rode the more i loved it. I also noticed that my knee issues seemed to be disappearing. it seemed that the constant work that my knees had to perform due to the lack of brakes was strengthening them, causing me less and less discomfort. I feel in love with riding brakeless.

Do i think that people who ride with brakes are lame? No, not even a little. Are there some tools with brakes? Absolutely. Are there tools without brakes? oh yes, many but just cause you don't have them doesn't make you the "Eff off you brake riding mother effers" guy. Brakes dont make you a tool or make you exempt from being a tool. It's just who you are...and some are just tools.

There, I've said my piece. next time you want to judge someone without brakes just take a moment first and think about what you are about to say...unless they have one these

Then judge your little heart out!...(sheesh, aerospoke tools)

Saturday, March 7, 2009

A good day

It's done. FELT f75.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Old Navy Pants

Old Navy was having a sale on pretty much everything in the store. I really needed some new casual work pants and figured that this would be the perfect opportunity, seeing as how the pants were only 10 bucks!! whoo-hoo! i found a pair that I really liked and bought them right away. When I shop for pants i usually by the first pair that fits well, no matter what, just because i am so particular about how they fit.

i was surprised when i tried these pants on and they fit so well. nice narrow leg, long and lean, all the qualities that i need in pants. I was happy...until today when i bent over and ripped the pants right up my butt crack!!!

There aren't a lot of times in my life when i feel like a genuine fat ass, but this was one of those times! I am so mad, because i love these pants and i just bought them. The thing that makes me feel some what reassured that my gluteus maximus is in fact NOT too big came with a little bit of inspecting along the tear.

The pants didn't tear at all! they just came undone. I've never hear of that before. And, no, this is not just some kind of excuse that i have made so that i feel better about my rump, the pants really did just fall apart along the butt crack. no wonder they were only 1o bucks!

So now I'm worried that Old Navy wont take my pants back. I'm also worried that after i go in to the store and after i get rejected and leave, one of the employees is going to be like, "What and idiot! Like we were really going to fall for the whole 'they just fell apart' excuse...face it, your butt is too big." jerks

i know my butt isn't big and this entire post makes me sound self conscious, which i am most definitely not! but in the end it is hard to justify a ripped butt crack in your pants.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

spring fever

i have never in my entire life been more ready for the spring than i am right now. It might be because Logan is 70 degrees cooler than the rest of the state and i am over the cold but i think it is mostly because i am so ready for warm weather activities! I am buying a bike, like everyone who has spoken to me in the past two weeks knows already, I am signed up for a few summer races, and i have two old cruiser bikes that i cant wait to fix up and cruise around town on with kristen!

I'm to that point where when I'm watching TV, lets say CSI Las Vegas (the only good one) and Grissom is taking samples off some dead guy in the desert, the entire time i am thinking "oh man, i wish i were that dead guy in the desert. it looks so warm!" yeah, i know...he's dead, but the weather just looks so nice that i can't focus on the show! On that same topic, however, i find myself changing the channel the second Law and Order SVU comes on because i just cant bear to see that cold New York weather any longer. I LOVE SVU, but i don't this month, and i wont until it warms up!

So spring, my arms are open and ready to embrace you. Please don't take much longer. i love you