Tuesday, December 2, 2008


OK, i know that i am 100% guilty of creating this thing, loving it for just a minute, and then neglecting it for weeks. This is the very reason why i feel that i may not be quite ready for a child. Morgan is so adorable and sometimes i just want to DESTROY him because he is the most perfect child in the world, but then he poops or cries and makes loud noise and i give him back to his parents. Yet another reason why I'm not up for the whole "pops" thing...yet. Anyway, I will return soon with some life updates. Well, I'm going to try that is. Good thing that blogs don't die from neglect...

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Last night in Salt Lake

I went looking through my camera today and remembered that there were a bunch of pictures that i have been wanting to post on here. I started looking through all of them and came across our photos of our last night in our salt lake house. I was so excited to see them because, historically, Kristen and I are rotten picture takers. In the years that we've known each other i think that we have a grand total of 14 pictures of the two of us together. Even the pictures i found are mostly of our house and not really us. But the point is I'm glad that for once we remembered that we had a camera.

Our Balcony (and garden...which i loved like a child)

The small but cute kitchen.

And our view from the roof!
Boy oh boy did we love that house! On the other hand, it ain't so bad being so close to a place like this.

Sometimes i just cant resist!

So the other night we took a little trip to Walgreen's because rumor was the delicious Christmas balls are finally here!!! I noticed that a roll of tape was left out and unattended to. I grabbed the tape and...
its unclear to me what happened next...
but i guess i just couldn't resist!
it has just occurred to me that posting these may be as lame as laughing at your own joke...I'm ok with that.

Friday, November 7, 2008


I was totally ready today for a new post. A great one about how much I complain that i never go on trips. Well, turns out i was looking through my seriously under used camera and realized that in the past two years I've actually been to some great places right here in the U.S.of A. The City Library computer, however, has once again ruined what was to be a promising post. It keeps telling me to "Please insert disk into drive E:" and I'm like "Its in the mother effing drive E:!!!" but of course, the computer doesn't care:( (once upon a time i thought making frowny faces out of a semi-colons and parentheses was the dumbest thing a person could do...things change i guess)
So, no pictures today...of me that is:( We'll see about tomorrow:) WHAT IS THAT?:0
He has gone seriously down hill...

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Today is a great day! Our country has taken a giant step forward politically and I have every reason in the world to be writing about it! The only problem is I cant seem to get passed Halloween and move on to be more excited about other things! And I'm not talking about this most recent Halloween either. No, no I'm referring to a Halloween that has been over for, oh i don't know, at least 13 years.

You see, back when i was 10 i thought there could be nothing cooler for a Halloween idea than being a ninja!!! I'm not talking about the ghetto gold and black spandex ninja suite you buy from walmart either. I'm talking a legit 'i sneak around at night and murder other shogun warriors and chop their hair off and hang it from my sword' kind of ninja. I was determined to have the most bomb costume around. Needless to say i didn't quite make it to the full fledged ninja attire i had dreamed of but i wasn't' a damned "cute little ninja" either. I was pleased. My mom had even purchased a sweet sword for me to carry around...and a few Chinese stars.(never mind the fact that a true ninja would never be caught dead with that Chinese crap of a weapon). I was ready for my night to begin.

My plans for the evening were simple. Go to my friend Eric Fairborns house, get some delicious candy, chop up a few ninja enemies, and maybe hit up the stake center for a haunted house. The night was going exactly as planned but i just couldn't get over the nervous feeling that i had, seeing as how this was my first Halloween with a friend and not my older brother...Big Toph. I tried to get over it but could not manage! So what happened? I puked. I puked all over inside the Haunted house. And whats even worse was the fact that I broke my Ninja sword trying to make it to the bathroom. I couldn't enjoy my candy and most certainly couldn't handle anymore trick or treating. I just went home.

This Halloween I was determined to make up for my failed ninja years and do some serious killing...but plans changed and i ended up being Michael Phelps while my wife, Kristen, went as one of my gold medals.
Yeah, it was cute and a lot fun but next year...well, everybody had better be ready because i smell blood and guts and a whole lot of redemption!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Introduction...in 6 minutes!!!

I am a Clifford. More specifically I am the fifth Clifford. I love everything Clifford. I live everything Clifford. As a Clifford, and a little bit as Logan, I have decided that the time has come for me to start sharing my life with the world. Unfortunately,however, at this point in time everything I do on the internet is limited to a 60 minute window, once a day, at the Logan City Library!!! As of right now, i have 3 minutes left. I'll be back tomorrow, and the next day, and the next. After that, i make no promises.

I'll see you tomorrow...with a sad, sad story of a 10 year old ninja...