Friday, March 6, 2009

Old Navy Pants

Old Navy was having a sale on pretty much everything in the store. I really needed some new casual work pants and figured that this would be the perfect opportunity, seeing as how the pants were only 10 bucks!! whoo-hoo! i found a pair that I really liked and bought them right away. When I shop for pants i usually by the first pair that fits well, no matter what, just because i am so particular about how they fit.

i was surprised when i tried these pants on and they fit so well. nice narrow leg, long and lean, all the qualities that i need in pants. I was happy...until today when i bent over and ripped the pants right up my butt crack!!!

There aren't a lot of times in my life when i feel like a genuine fat ass, but this was one of those times! I am so mad, because i love these pants and i just bought them. The thing that makes me feel some what reassured that my gluteus maximus is in fact NOT too big came with a little bit of inspecting along the tear.

The pants didn't tear at all! they just came undone. I've never hear of that before. And, no, this is not just some kind of excuse that i have made so that i feel better about my rump, the pants really did just fall apart along the butt crack. no wonder they were only 1o bucks!

So now I'm worried that Old Navy wont take my pants back. I'm also worried that after i go in to the store and after i get rejected and leave, one of the employees is going to be like, "What and idiot! Like we were really going to fall for the whole 'they just fell apart' excuse...face it, your butt is too big." jerks

i know my butt isn't big and this entire post makes me sound self conscious, which i am most definitely not! but in the end it is hard to justify a ripped butt crack in your pants.

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