Saturday, May 9, 2009


Well, my lack of posts may look to some like my attempt at sticking with my workout plans has failed. ON the contrary, however, i have been far too busy to keep up. I guess I started to think that a post that simply showed what i accomplished for the day, workout wise, was kind of lame. I read a couple of my posts and I sounded like a total "sup-bro" and like i was obsessed with myself, and although I may be a bit of a narcissists I dont want to frame myself as one to the blogging world. So, i will still leave updates here and there but I'm not going to turn this blog into a "look how tough i am because i workout" blog.

On a brighter note, everyone in my family had only one thing the past few days to blog about, and if you blogstalk Cliffords (you know who you are) than you already know what i'm talking about...its the NEWEST MEMBER of course!!!

Ox was born two days ago and moved into the title of youngest Clifford, or youngest member of Clifford: The Next Generation as some siblings are starting to say (good one flemily). His official name is Garrett Ivan Clifford but I'm sticking with Ox as a name. When Sterling and Megan were still deciding on a name (or not telling us what they had in mind for a name) they just referred to the unborn child as Ox. So Ox it is. Now, I have a nephew known as Larry-Bird and nephew Ox. I love it.

Its weird to think about this new baby living in San Fran! We have been so spoiled with Larry-Bird (Morgan) living so close and being so available to play with and see all the time that having a nephew growing up so far away seems like a tragedy. I guess thats how it usually is with family but it sucks facing the reality. But i suppose if there are to be two Cliffords raising a baby away from the rest of us its best that its Sterling and Megan. Not that I like them being away but they are the two most capable Cliffords (in my opinion) out of the bunch. Sterling and Megan are both very independent in their careers and abilities but they rely on one another in every way that a loving couple should, and that seems like the perfect example to set for a child. so, Ox is in great hands.

So welcome baby child! We are more than Glad to have you!

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