Wednesday, April 22, 2009

today and yesterday

I never thought I would enjoy working out in the pool so much. I hated it in high school. My good friend Matt Clark would pick me up every morning for swim practice, and every morning would honk a few times, then park his car, come inside, go downstairs, enter my horrific room, and wake me up. If I was quick enough I would hide before he got the door open, but most of the time I just acted surprised, said "shoot! My alarm didn't go off," and grabbed some clothes and headed to practice. It was the worst.

Now, however, I find myself voluntarily walking into the HYPER building, asking for a swim pass, changing, and hoping in cold water to swim back and forth for an hour and a half. I even get disappointed if i cant make to the pool. I always wondered why Kristen (wife) would be so bummed when she couldn't make it out on a run, but now i understand. I guess for a guy like me, ADHD to the max, activity is the perfect solution.

What a good day today was.

Swim: 14oo yards


Ride: 22 miles (cache valley is so beautiful right now)

p.s. I don't actually have ADHD...not like there would be anything wrong with it if I did...I'm just saying

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  1. good man! it's amazing the things we like at grownups we didn't like so much as kiddies.