Tuesday, March 3, 2009

spring fever

i have never in my entire life been more ready for the spring than i am right now. It might be because Logan is 70 degrees cooler than the rest of the state and i am over the cold but i think it is mostly because i am so ready for warm weather activities! I am buying a bike, like everyone who has spoken to me in the past two weeks knows already, I am signed up for a few summer races, and i have two old cruiser bikes that i cant wait to fix up and cruise around town on with kristen!

I'm to that point where when I'm watching TV, lets say CSI Las Vegas (the only good one) and Grissom is taking samples off some dead guy in the desert, the entire time i am thinking "oh man, i wish i were that dead guy in the desert. it looks so warm!" yeah, i know...he's dead, but the weather just looks so nice that i can't focus on the show! On that same topic, however, i find myself changing the channel the second Law and Order SVU comes on because i just cant bear to see that cold New York weather any longer. I LOVE SVU, but i don't this month, and i wont until it warms up!

So spring, my arms are open and ready to embrace you. Please don't take much longer. i love you

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  1. we are cut from the same cloth logan. i'd rather be a homeless guy in LA right now then a rich bostonian. enough already!