Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Poorly named but I'm all over it!!!

I got a new job. No more Saturdays. No more Holidays. And I feel like I'm playing when I'm at work. Pretty sweet deal. I must say however (especially if Kirk or Derrick are ready) that working for T-mobile was a great college job and the only friends I have really made here in Logan worked there with me. But things change and I'm pumped for the new gig.

The primary reason for liking my new eight to five home is I get to play on cool new programs (new to me) like Camera Raw in the CS4 Adobe suite. My official title is Student Graphic Designer, but I get to do a large amount of photography and writing as well. I by no means would declare unto the world that I am a graphic designer by profession and my photography skills are barely skills at all, but I'm learning and realizing that my knowledge of CS4 is so minimal I can't believe i ever thought I knew ANYTHING!

So today, I finished my first advertisement poster and spent the rest of the day playing around in photoshop and Camera Raw. Like I said, I don't really know that much, but here are a few photos that I worked on today:

Tophe and Me fishing (he caught the biggest one of the trip right after this).
Morgan has found his way onto yet another Clifford blog...
Em's wedding...I'm craving Alberto's just thinking about it.

Anyway, nothing big but the point is this is all pre-photoshop. I haven't touched any of these in photoshop, just Camera Raw. Its nice because the pictures don't look too doctored (to me anyway). The colors pop more, the contrast is solid, and it they don't feel over-saturated.

Its amazing what a kid who doesn't know anything can do!

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  1. I think that even a pretty lightweight photo enhancing program is fun! Even I photo can make things brighter, eliminate the odd goober and fix some flat color. I can't imagine how much fun you'll have with real photo shopping! And so glad for the job. Congratulations.