Thursday, November 13, 2008

Last night in Salt Lake

I went looking through my camera today and remembered that there were a bunch of pictures that i have been wanting to post on here. I started looking through all of them and came across our photos of our last night in our salt lake house. I was so excited to see them because, historically, Kristen and I are rotten picture takers. In the years that we've known each other i think that we have a grand total of 14 pictures of the two of us together. Even the pictures i found are mostly of our house and not really us. But the point is I'm glad that for once we remembered that we had a camera.

Our Balcony (and garden...which i loved like a child)

The small but cute kitchen.

And our view from the roof!
Boy oh boy did we love that house! On the other hand, it ain't so bad being so close to a place like this.

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