Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Ratatatatatatatatatatatat...i Think its like Bananananana

So I've been a poor blogger as of late...sorry world wide web. My Internet is crappy at best and, well, I like to hang out with my wife and watch movies...sue me!

Another interest of mine, as many of you know, is to "shake my groove thang" from time to time to some really great electrock'n roll! So, they other day I purchased Ratatat's June release, Lp4...and I can't stop listening to it! You know how there are those times when a song gets so deep in your blood that you can actually feel your body trying to sync up with the beat of the music? Well thats more or less whats been happening to me all week. Specifically with the track "Neckbrace" (appropriately named). Way to go, Ratatat. Way to go.

It got me thinking about how much music determines how my day is going to be. For a long time i think I tried to sync the music I listened to with the mood I was feeling at the time. But for some time now I've let the music determine the mood and its been exhilarating. For example, the past week I've been listening to either Ratatat or the black keys pretty much non stop. Two totally different sounds. Two completely different moods. Both, however, uplifting the best ways. In my previous music life, I would have never had the chance to experience such drastically different musical moods in one day because I forced the music to fit my feelings that day. This may seem completely obscure and hard to follow, but trust me, its been refreshing.

Now, I'm not saying that I don't still throw on some Muse before a rugby match or some Junior boys before a run, but I've definitely let my music control me lately, instead of me controlling the music. Maybe I'll even throw my ipod on shuffle and never hit skip...that would be LIVING!

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